Privacy Policy


We adore our consumers, and their privacy is paramount to us.

Protecting their customers' personal information is a significant duty for any organization, and we take it very seriously. ITLION protects the privacy of our client's personal information and visitors to our website by providing openness and choice. This privacy statement explains what information ITLION (hereafter referred to as We, Our, or Us) collects, maintains, and processes about you. It also describes your data rights and how to contact us if you have any issues. We reserve the right to revise this privacy statement at any time and encourage you to visit this section frequently to be aware of any changes.

Appropriate For

This privacy statement applies to persons ("users" or "you") who visit our website, subscribe to one of our blogs, request information, or utilize our chat service.

How We Gather Information

We acquire data from one or more of these three sources depending on your services, such as blogging, requesting information through Contact Us, or using chat assistance.

Information Requested:

When you request any of our services, we may ask for, keep, and process any or all of the following data after receiving your permission:

  1. Your name
  2. Your country
  3. Your email address
  4. Your skype username and phone number
  5. Other information you choose to disclose


A cookie is a small file installed on your computer that assists us in evaluating web traffic and tracks you across the web when you first visit our website. We collect this data only with your permission and assume you agree to our terms of service. You can avoid it by changing your browser settings to not allow cookies or browsing as an anonymous user in incognito mode.

To improve our website, we have included links to a few genuine third-party services, the privacy policies of which may differ from ours, and we accept no responsibility for their agreement. The third-party technologies we use are listed below, and we would appreciate it if you read their privacy policies for your peace of mind

Analytics by Google:

It improves the user experience, and no personally identifying information is collected. It captures data relating to the device/browser, IP address, and on-site activity to measure and report statistics about your web interactions. Check out Google Analytics' privacy policy to learn how they handle your data.

Chat Support:

We are always willing to help, but we need your basic information to reach you and provide you with the services you desire. We use Chat Support for this service and advise you to read the Chat Support privacy policies.


For the safety of the contact information you provided for receiving our service, it is privately procured and stored in the popular and reliable CRM, which you can access by visiting the CRM website. We invite you to browse and read its privacy statement.

Bulk Mailing:

We have some fascinating offers for you, and we need to reach out to our interested clients so they may take advantage of them. To accomplish this, we must send promotional emails and track who is interested in giving them adequate support. In addition, we may track whether any recipient opens an individual email we sent to assess click rates and improve engagement. We use an authentic tool for email marketing, and we advise you to read their privacy policies here.

Why Do We Collect Your Data After You Permit Us?

The following are the reasons for data collection:

  • Contact us about services you have inquired about or existing projects with us.
  • To notify you (by email) of any changes to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or other pertinent matters.
  • To keep you informed of new products and services we offer, as well as upcoming events, offers, and promotions of interest to you.
  • For offering our services as requested by you, such as facilitating cooperation, requirement collecting, project development, and project deployment.
  • To provide excellent customer service and to assess our interactions with customers.
  • Recognize and stop fraudulent transactions and other illegal activity, report spam, and safeguard ITLION's and its users' rights and interests.
  • To update, expand, and study our records, to find new consumers, and to offer items and services that may interest you.
  • To manage our websites and track website visitor navigations to understand their behavior and interests better.
  • To monitor and improve our marketing initiatives, as well as to generate user-relevant recommendations.

How Safe Is Your Data?

We have put in place suitable administrative, technological, and physical precautions to prevent unauthorized access, manipulation, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of the data you have entrusted to us.

If you have any concerns about the security of your data, we encourage you to review our Security Policy or contact us at

Do We Disclose Your Personal Information?

We will never, ever share your personal information with a third party.

How Do We Keep Your Information Safe?

We do not expose any of the information you supply; we only collect your information to create ready communication with you and offer you the essential service. During this operation, we take great care to use the information in the most authentic way possible so that there are no loopholes or risks of information leakage or exposure.

While browsing our website, you may find a few forms or sections requesting information, such as your name, contact number, and so on. Our privacy policy guarantees that any information or data supplied in the form will not be misused, sold, or rented under any circumstances. We never sell, rent, or share it with a third party or misuse any of the information submitted. The data, however, may be used for future communication and internal record-keeping.

We control how information is handled, used, and kept. In every way, our privacy policy ensures a trustworthy and secure partnership!

Authority In Your Hand

You have complete control over the information we store about you and its use. You have the following options:

  • To stop getting emails and notifications from our website, click Unsubscribe from incoming mail and adjust notification options.
  • You can opt out of sharing your information by not filling out any forms.
  • You can avoid sharing your information by not using chat support.
  • You can withdraw your consent for any specific use of your data at any time.
  • If you have any questions about our privacy policies or data processing procedures, please get in touch with us at
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